Wills, trusts and other estate planning instruments should clearly demonstrate a person’s intent.

However, in certain cases, interested persons may allege that a will or trust is unclear, that it is not properly executed, that the person executing it lacked capacity or was unduly influenced or even that is was the result of fraud. In other cases, beneficiaries may claim the executor or trustee is breaching his or her fiduciary duties in some capacity. When there are disputes as to the intent of a will, trust or other document, litigation may be necessary.


Litigation can be a complex, lengthy process.

While we endeavor to avoid unnecessary litigation, Glassman & Brown, LLP represents fiduciaries (executors, trustees, guardians and agents) and actual or potential beneficiaries in a variety of contested proceedings, including spouse’s elective share, will contests, asset discovery, property turnover proceedings, fiduciary removal proceedings, contested accountings, kinship proceedings, and will or trust construction proceedings.

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