Glassman & Brown attorneys have extensive experience in all types of guardianship matters.

Guardianship is a legal arrangement in which a court gives a person or agency the legal right to make decisions for another person (the ward) who is unable to make decisions for themselves or who has consented to the appointment of a guardian. The guardian can make decisions for the ward regarding health care, personal affairs, and for financial matters depending on the authority granted by the court. A guardian may collect and invest the assets of the ward and assist with paying bills, living arrangements, and medical treatment. Guardianships are often useful for adults with dementia and adults or children with an intellectual or developmental disability. A Guardianship can prevent neglect, abuse and/or financial exploitation.


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Glassman & Brown, LLP represents persons (Petitioners) who seek the appointment of a Guardian for another person in both contested and uncontested proceedings. Our attorneys will also advise you regarding your rights if you have had a guardian appointed for you or if you believe an appointed guardian is breaching his/her fiduciary duty to another.

We provide all legal services necessary in either Surrogate’s Court or Supreme Court for the appointment of guardians for children and incapacitated adults, including the developmentally disabled. We also represent persons seeking to oppose the appointment of a guardian, either for themselves or a friend or family member.

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